I highly recommend this book

“Bob Smith is a provocative and stimulating writer, who challenges the reader with ideas and information that cannot be easily dismissed.  His latest book, Opus Optimus: A Model for Renewing Life’s Later Years, should appeal to people of all ages, especially those contemplating and investigating their passages through life.  I highly recommend this book; it’s a keeper!”
—Dr. Daniel Acosta, Jr.
Dean Emeritus, Winkle College of Pharmacy
University of Cincinnati

Good read, and good advice.

“Endings can be both sweet and terrifying.  Here’s a plea for ending gently, as we all hope we can.  If you’ve been left physically spent by Gawandee’s Being Mortal, try the spiritual optimism of Smith’s Opus Optimus next.  Smith serves up a practical guide for living out one’s final days through loving, providing an ethical rubric for tempering—if not banishing—the harsh dying of the light.  Good read, and good advice.”
—Dr. Barbara Couture
Former President
New Mexico State University

reminds us that we are all terminal

“Bob Smith’s book, Opus Optimus, reminds us that we are all terminal and urges us to fill the road to that destination with the kinds of thoughts and deeds that bring joy, rewards, and comfort to ourselves and those around us.   With examples and ideas, he illuminates pathways that show us how with charity we can arrive at that destination in comfort and grace.”

—Dr. Peggy Gordon Miller
Former President, South Dakota State University

This is a must read

Opus Optimus reflects the deep character of Bob Smith.  His curiosity and encouragement to find the goodness that surrounds us threads throughout the book.  This is a must read, especially for academics who look to continue a life of learning as they age.  Bob stimulates our thinking and encourages us to be intentional as we create lives we love during the second half of life.”
—Dr. Christine J. Quinn
 President, Christine J. Quinn, Inc. and previous
University Provost, Dean, Department Chair and Faculty Member

A welcome new perspective

“Bob Smith’s new book provides us with a welcome new perspective on the value of intentional living as we approach the final chapter of our lives.”

—Dr. Ann Sutherland

Board Secretary and Trustee, Fort Worth Independent School District, District 6
Fort Worth, TX

truly lives up to its name

“Dr. Smith’s Opus Optimus truly lives up to its name and can be of great help to anyone in their personal quest to reach a successful life conclusion.  Each and every page contains useful wisdom on what should matter most to a bountiful and beneficial life, and the work truly captures what it means to ‘do the right thing’ vs ‘simply doing it right’.  Bob’s ‘exemplars’ range from super-humans to everyday folks so there are individuals with whom all of us can identify.  I’ll be sending a copy to all of my family and friends who are at my stage of ‘maturity’.”
—Tibor H. Nagy, Jr.
 U. S. Ambassador, Retired
and Vice Provost for International Affairs,
Texas Tech University


“This is an important book for anyone who is retired, thinking about retiring, or anyone facing end-of-life decisions. The author challenges the reader to think purposefully about where to live, what to do with one’s days, and how to give back to loved ones, friends, communities, even the world. The old cliché, ‘you can’t take it with you,’ comes to mind. However, this is not a book of clichés, but rather a thoughtfully worded road map for how to make the most of the time any person has left, no matter what one’s chronological age.”

  —Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Hoffman
Professor of Economics, Iowa State University
President Emerita, University of Colorado

It’s an excellent book

Opus Optimus is a book about communication and self-evaluation in an ever-changing society using new technologies.  It’s an excellent book to guide readers in discovering ways to view one’s past, present and future decisions that may lead to more peace and harmony in one’s physical and emotional experiences.  Each chapter assesses the critical aspects of health, finances, relationships, and aging.  Opus Optimus is ideal reading for those contemplating marriage and retirement.  Members of the clergy will find numerous examples to share with congregations for life-long benefits.”
—Dr. Jerry C. Hudson
Founding Dean Emeritus and Professor
College of Media and Communication
Texas Tech University


“Stories of failed retirement are legion.  The early deaths, the boredom from absence of meaning, the captivity of being trapped by ennui are told around water coolers all across America.  Bob Smith provides compelling antidotes for each and every one of these common maladies.  A must-read for anyone looking to escape the dark chasm of ‘retirement’ and who desire to replace it with engagement.”
—Dr. Donald H. Dyal
Former Dean of Libraries, Texas Tech University

looking forward to the future

“Whatever stage of life one is in, the analysis of our accomplishments and ultimate legacy is a part of our thinking.  Opus Optimus focuses the reader on looking forward to the future with no fear or regret, by concentrating on basic tenants of living positively.  Smith uses wonderful examples of people who demonstrate his highlighted qualities.  Upon reading this book, I’ve started designing my ethical will for the five grandchildren who keep me young, despite chronology.”
—Dr. April C. Mason
Provost and Senior Vice President
Kansas State University

a scientist, academic and humanist and excellent writer.

“About time I read a book on living a full life but with science and research behind it. Doctor Smith is a scientist, academic and humanist and excellent writer.”

—Patrick McCallum
President, Collaborative Braintrust Consulting Firm
Sacramento, California


"Retirement presents multiple, inter-related challenges and opportunities.  This book uniquely brings together the many issues important to retirees ranging from finance, to health, to family, and to creativity. By providing an overall framework for each topic, it is easier to integrate and understand how all the parts fit together.  The personal stories about how well-known people have set examples adds richness and interest.  The book is inspiring and will provide an ongoing resource for years to come.  I highly recommend Opus Optimus.”

—Dr. Mark G. McNamee
Former Provost, Virginia Tech